Kent Dog Training has over one hundred years of expert dog training experience between us, we are fully insured and only use safe proven positive reward dog training techniques.

Our trusted dog training team consist of professional dog behaviourists from the civilian world and also serving government trained dog instructors and dog trainers who  have been granted secondary employment permission.   We are proud to be Kent's Premier Dog Training Establishment.

Our PRICE FOR LIFE dog training package is presently offered at a discounted price of only £150!


Dog obedience training

Walking on the lead

Recalling your dog

Safe practice around children

Dog training commands

Respect and good manners dog training

Pack leadership

Positive reward and clicker training

Introductions dog to dog and dog to humans


Specialist puppy training visits

Toilet training

Crate training 

Puppy biting and chewing issues

Basic puppy training commands

Jumping up problems

Introductions dog to dog and dog to humans 

Pack leadership

Puppy fear and phobias 


Specialised dog behavioural services

Dog to dog aggression

Dog to human aggression

Separation anxiety

Excessive barking or chewing

Safe practice around children

Nervous behaviour complaints

Dog fears and phobias 

Car travel issues 

Our dog training mission statement


Our research has proven that in order to solve problems effectively, we need to work in the dog's own environment. This is why our primary service is One 2 One In-Home dog training.

It is ideal for creating an obedient dog that will happily walk on lead without pulling, sit or stay on command, and come immediately when called.  We also can solve nasty habits such as aggression towards people or other animals; stop irritating behaviour like barking, jumping up on people, scratching at the back door, establish off limit/no go' areas for your dog and establishing natural measures to resolve separation anxiety.

A typical One 2 One dog training session will last for three hours, this will include two hours training at your home and the last hour time spent writing your pack leadership programme which will assist you and your dog for life. At your home we will assess your situation, see what the issues are and then see how the dog interacts with you in their own environment, indoors and out.  Together we will then put in place a dog training plan and we will teach you the techniques required to address the problem.  

Our dog training programmes will assist you in and out of the home to address any undesirable behaviour and "rank" issues  your dog may be displaying to you and others.  For all of our One 2 One home dog training customers we supply a free telephone and e-mail advice service after our visit and this support lasts for the LIFE or your dog. 

Our price for a One 2 One support for LIFE dog training package is £150.

We welcome the chance to help owners who have so kindly re-homed a rescue dog and regularly work with dogs from the RSPCA, Battersea Dogs Home, Last Chance, Dogs Trust and Foal Farm animal rescue shelters.   

Professional Veterinary Approved Dog Trainers & Dog Behaviourists Covering Kent & London.
Professional Veterinary Approved Dog Trainers & Dog Behaviourists Covering Kent & London.

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