Dog Training Faversham
Dog Training Faversham
Dog Trainer Faversham
Dog Trainer Faversham

Dog Trainer Faversham

Dog Trainer Faversham - Kent Dog Training

As an important member of your family, we want you to understand your dog better by knowing why they behave a certain way.

At Kent Dog Training with all of our Faversham dog training customers we take a personalised approach with our dog training methods. We believe that the best way to effectively train your dog is by getting to know the nature of their fears, anxieties and in some cases, the cause of their aggression. By knowing their background, we come up with a training programme that is specifically designed based on your dog's behaviour.

Who We Are

Dog trainer Faversham consists of a professional award winning team of dog trainers and behaviourists with a passion for assisting dogs of all breeds and sizes. As dog owners ourselves, we see our pets as respectful members of our family, and we aim to make your dogs better members of your family as well.

Issues That We Can Address with our Price for Life Faversham Dog Training Package

We work with dogs, puppies and rescue dogs in Folkestone and help you address problems including:

  • Following basic commands and good manners
  • Alleviating dog to dog and dog to human aggression
  • Relieving fears, phobias and anxieties
  • Car travel issues

Our Positive Training Methods

We believe that training is more effective in an environment that is familiar to your dog, so we carry out our training sessions at your home. Each session typically runs for three hours – two hours for the in-home training and one hour for writing your own personal pack leadership programme. The programme will continue to help you and your dog with simple yet effective techniques that you can do on your own.

A dog trainer in Faversham who you can trust.

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To ensure great manners and good behaviour, we use positive training methods through food treats, toys and praise. If you have any children, they are more than welcome to participate in the training session so they, too, can learn how to properly engage with your pet.

Get in touch with us today. Call us on 07766 562165.

Our preferred method of contact would be to email us as most of the day we are dog training in Faversham and the local area.