Kent Dog Training - Puppy & Dog Sourcing Service


Kent Dog Training has over forty years between us in the professional dog breeding, dog training and dog behaviour modification of puppies and adult dogs.  We are proud to be Kent's leading dog sourcing company.

Our dog training company is one of the only puppy and dog sourcing establishments who has successfully recruited serving government trained dog professionals and dog behaviourists to support our team via secondary employment permission totally over 100 years of knowledge and experience.

Your professionally sourced puppy (guided by us but chosen by you) would have only been sourced from either council registered breeders or by a hobby breeder who should produce the expectations of everything a licensed breeder can achieve without wishing for the breeding of dogs to be their main professional.  

Our dog sourcing service would include insuring that the puppy is being well socialised inside the family home *not kennelled or living outside*, having had the appropriate worming, flea treatment if required, health tests / checks where required of the bitch  and stud dog.   A member of the Kent Dog Training sourcing team will then verbally communicate and then the visit the dog breeder to ensure everything is in order that the bitch is present and healthy (the stud dog is generally not present however the studs dogs paperwork and health certificates should have been copied by the dog s owner and passed on).

Choosing your puppy:

After we have carried out the initial puppy souring research and made contact with the breeder we can send you details of the puppy including photos and videos.  Even a photo or phone call can tell a thousand words when researching a puppy , we have the ability to find any discrepancies, faults and dog breeder bad practice.

Once you have decided on your puppy and of course the breeder is happy with us (its about the breeder selling themselves to ourselves and likewise us to the breeder) a deposit can be paid thus entering a contract of sale.  I always keep regular contact with the breeder also arranging the collection and transfer of the puppy to our home.  We would then offer you the chance to meet your new professionally sourced puppy at our home located in Kent.

Once your puppy is home with us we would continue the feeding, cleaning and husbandry of your sourced puppy and after a few days settling and of course a couple of sleepless nights for us the puppy training will begin.

Our Kent Dog Training professionally sourced puppy training service would include dog training assistance over a period of six weeks and include:

Sit (on command) come when called (recall) with minimum distractions (i.e. not too many dogs/people around)

Being assessed by other people/children (useful when visiting vets/groomers/other people who want to say hello to your dog etc)

Stay/wait (with minimum distractions)

Not chewing things

Puppy toilet training 

Not biting clothes/hands/ankles

Walking on lead/not pulling

Basic impulse control (to make sure the dog can wait for their food/treats/toys to be given/delivered while the dog is being calm and waiting patiently)

Puppy crate training

Pack leadership training

Dog recall training - The most important command of them all!

Many of the above commands and disciplines will take a few weeks to achieve during your puppies stay with us and of course we will  have to work with your professionally sourced puppy taking care not to rush but only support and develop your new family member.  Your puppy will receive first class inside and outside socialisation training from anything like watching us clean the house to joining our family at a social event. 

We also offer you the chance to come and visit your puppy in amongst the videos and pictures we will be sending you (if convenient we recommend a visit soon after the day of collection, visits within the six weeks training and then on the day of collection allowing us time to spend with you in and out of the home demonstrating what has been achieved and how to carry out all of the commands your professional sourced puppy has been taught. 

Kent Dog Training will also supply you with a full puppy training progress report and you will also receive the following puppy training guides:

Crate training 

Toilet training

Pack leadership training

Dog training command guides

A guide on how to understand dog behaviour "verbal and physical" 

Our puppy development guide - at six months old your puppy is a teenager so a very small part of their life

You will also receive a full puppy pack detaining vaccinations, worming / flea products / administration, health certificates of the bitch and stud where required, microchipping details (it is now law that the puppy leaves the breeder having been microchipped by a professionally trained person or vet.

Our Kent Dog Training puppy sourcing professionals are qualified dog micro-chippers so we can demonstrate to you that the microchip has been correctly administered and assist even you with the transfer paperwork.

Your professionally sourced puppy will be supplied with:

Favourite toys

Stimulation toy / chews

Recall training food / toys



Police style training lead

ID tag with your details on

A professionally built crate for you to use (it is recommend crate training continues at your home - its the dogs safe place)

A smelly blanket containing scent from our home for a more relaxed transition to you

Within your Kent Dog Training professional puppy sourcing package we will also arrange for your puppy to receive vaccination two by our trusted family vet at absolutely no extra cost to you.

Our price for the above professional puppy sourcing, dog training and handover package varies depending on the breed of puppy you are searching for and the distance the dog breeder is from our home in Kent.

Generally your puppy would be under our dog training and care supervision package living inside our home from the age of eight to fourteen weeks old.  This time frame is recommended as one week after vaccination two (eleven weeks old) we can safely introduce your professionally sourced puppy to the outside world.   

I look forward to your no obligation call or email.

Nigel Marshall MBIPDT

"Professional government trained dog behaviourist, dog trainer and dog breeder being fully licensed and insured"


Our professional puppy and dog sourcing services include

Our professional puppy and dog sourcing and dog training service can be tailored to include any of the following options:

Dogs housed with dog charities or dog shelters.

Rescue dogs from overseas. 

Dogs in foster homes awaiting their forever families. 

Puppy and dog breeder locater (council licensed dog breeders and hobby breeders). A hobby breeder may have up to three litters a year from three separate bitches.  A council licensed dog breeder receives yearly inspections from the local authority and whose premises have been checked by a professional vet.

Discovering and of course sourcing the right dog for you and your family!!!